I've MOVED!!

I've moved my blog!! Now you can find me at just plain old www.cottoncandysugarrush.com . You can still follow me from blogger by going to your dashboard, then under the "blogs I follow" tab, click "add" and enter my URL, www.cottoncandysugarrush.com . I love you all and have really appretiated the positive feedback!! Thanks so much for your support. <3


Pineapple Orchid

I'm not sure how I never noticed this at Bath & Body Works. It's Pineapple Orchid and it is only available in candles and room sprays!! Oh wow, the smell is heaaaven!! It's really fresh and fruity. The description is, "Delicate white orchid blended with sweet pineapple and rich black currant"...MmmMMMMmmmmm. I just love it and am depressed they don't make a shower gel or body spray for this fragrance.

Silhouette Coasters

Aren't these fancy! You can buy them from Peppersprout's Etsy Shop.
I just think they are fun to look at.


Oscars Dah-ling...

Kate Winslet wearing Yves Saint Laurent by Stefano Pilati
Vanessa Hudgens in Marchesa - I LOVE this gown. She pulls
off the mermaid style gown with ease honey!
Taraji P. Henton in Roberto Cavalli & Vintage Fred Leighton Necklace -
This would be a beautiful as a wedding gown huh!!
Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Haute Couture - WHOA Push-Up!
Penelope Cruz in 60 year old Vintage Balmain -
I wish I could see this dress in person.
The pictures seem to not do it justice.
I can tell the bead work is very elaborate.
I guess she has owned this dress for over 8 years and
was saving it for a special occasion. How cute!
Natalie Portman in Rodarte - I'm thinking this is my FAVORITE!!
I would totally wear this. I love the pink and the beading.
It's so feminie. She is such a classic beauty though.
Another one who could get away wearing just about anything!!
Miley Cyrus in Zuhair Murhad - She has gotten a lot of negative reactions with
this dress. I like it, I think it is fitting for her but the fish scale
layering is the worst part. It would be better just flush with
the beading scattered around. I think the belt is funky and fun.
Her hair and makeup looked darling!
Jessica Biel - This was so hilarious...I was looking through
her pictures and was on the fence with her first dress. It looks
like she changed into this purple number for the AFTER-PARTY!!
They are both kinda different but I think I like the purple better on her.
The cut was definitly more flattering.
Heidi Klum in Rouland Mouret - My favorite parts of her outfit and the earrings
and her LEGS! ZOOMG honey, look at those stems. She would look good in a potato sack. I wish I knew who made those earrings!!!
Freida Pinto in John Galliano - This is the beauty from Slum Dog Millionaire
which I didn't see. I heard it is violent. Anyways, she looks
amaZING. Perfect. The dress, hair, jewelry, makeup, everything is perfect.
Evan Rachel Wood - I think she looks SO good.
Oddly, the color of this dress doesn't wash her out.
I love her hair too. She's a doll. Marilyn Manson is a luck guy.
Beyonce Knowles - This one is my LEAST favorite.
Beyonce, HELLO, you are GORGEOUS.
This dress is way to overpowering and would
look better hung on a curtain rod :(
I can't find who the designer is so maybe she made it herself...
Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive - So elegant.
Angelina Jolie - LOVE THE EMERALDS!!!!
Those some serious rocks!
Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera - This one is not a favorite.
I think the necklace is too much, too much too wrong.
I also think her hair should have been down!


More Sugar

At second glance does this look wrong? It's creative, that's for sure! Great Job!

Addicted to Pop

It's an obsession...I'm joining the Circus on April 11th at Arco Arena.

Fourteen Layer What??

Can I be like Bakerella when I grow up? Seriously, is she for real?? I'm in shock, this cake is GORGEOUS...click here to see the recipie and process...ZOOMG. Are you seeing this??!

Hard Candy

Coco + Kelley posted this necklace from Malene Birger and it is just irresistable to glare at...I imagine it would look silly on though. You could pull it off...

Badgley Mischka Marvelousciousness

I just got done looking through the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. I was really impressed with all the girls, including Miss Bar Rafaeli here...aka Mrs. DiCaprio *melting*. But none of them were stick figures! They all had beautiful, healthy curves. I mean these women no doubt were blessed with incredible goddess genes but after looking at the Fashion Week models, the SSI girls are way more real. LOVED IT!!!
ANYways...the point is I noticed a lot of Badgley Mischka jewelry on the models. I had no idea of who or what Badgley Mischka was until my San Fran birthday trip last year. I had a generous Bloomingdales gift card and headed straight for the sparkles. I fell in love that day and made a purchase :) When I got home I googled Badgley Mischka and drooled over all the other jewelry and not to mention MARVELOUSciousNeSS Wedding and Clothing line...here are some of my favorite pieces...
{All Badgley Mischka}
2 - Angela Ladies Watch { $595 }
3 - Sports Illustrated Necklace (worn by Marissa Miller, 2008) { $875 }
4 - Clara Ladies Watch { $595 }
You're thinking these are redonkulously expensive right?! Me too but aren't they fun to look at?? Plus these would be considered an "heirloom". I plan on passing my legacy on and on...


Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week 2009

{ 1 - Preen by Thorton Bregazzi }
{ 2 - Lela Rose } { 3 - Diane Von Furstenberg } { 4 - Jason Woo } { 5 - Miss sixty } { 6 & 7 - Jill Stuart } {8 - Matthew Williamson }

Haus of Gaga

I'm almost 100% sure that I'll be in San Fran on March 14th (two days after my B-DAY!) to see Lady Gaga at the Mezzanine. YAY!!!!!!!!


Love Love Love Love Love

Well I'm pretty gaga over cosmetics. I've kinda tried everything and if i havent tried it, i've probably thought about it. Anyways I finally found the foundation I have been searching for my whole life. I love it!!! It's the new Studio Sculpt Line from Mac. It isnt too heavy and can be applied as basic as a moisturizer if you like. I apply it with a brush and dust the Mac Mineral Wear powder on top. It's the perfect combo! You can cut out the powder all together if you prefer a more dewey look. If you want to try it, Mac is great and will give you a pretty generous sample that should last at least a week. <3