Badgley Mischka Marvelousciousness

I just got done looking through the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. I was really impressed with all the girls, including Miss Bar Rafaeli here...aka Mrs. DiCaprio *melting*. But none of them were stick figures! They all had beautiful, healthy curves. I mean these women no doubt were blessed with incredible goddess genes but after looking at the Fashion Week models, the SSI girls are way more real. LOVED IT!!!
ANYways...the point is I noticed a lot of Badgley Mischka jewelry on the models. I had no idea of who or what Badgley Mischka was until my San Fran birthday trip last year. I had a generous Bloomingdales gift card and headed straight for the sparkles. I fell in love that day and made a purchase :) When I got home I googled Badgley Mischka and drooled over all the other jewelry and not to mention MARVELOUSciousNeSS Wedding and Clothing line...here are some of my favorite pieces...
{All Badgley Mischka}
2 - Angela Ladies Watch { $595 }
3 - Sports Illustrated Necklace (worn by Marissa Miller, 2008) { $875 }
4 - Clara Ladies Watch { $595 }
You're thinking these are redonkulously expensive right?! Me too but aren't they fun to look at?? Plus these would be considered an "heirloom". I plan on passing my legacy on and on...


  1. go ahead and add my name to the heirloom list :]

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