Love Love Love Love Love

Well I'm pretty gaga over cosmetics. I've kinda tried everything and if i havent tried it, i've probably thought about it. Anyways I finally found the foundation I have been searching for my whole life. I love it!!! It's the new Studio Sculpt Line from Mac. It isnt too heavy and can be applied as basic as a moisturizer if you like. I apply it with a brush and dust the Mac Mineral Wear powder on top. It's the perfect combo! You can cut out the powder all together if you prefer a more dewey look. If you want to try it, Mac is great and will give you a pretty generous sample that should last at least a week. <3

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  1. The next time Im in Nordy's (which shouldn't be too long) I'm going to try this. I hate finding foundation so you're my new go to girl! ;) Thanks for the suggestion!