Get your Hair Bows here!!

So I'm sure by now you have figured out that I LOVE Lady Gaga. And I also LOVE her hair bow!! She is definitely not the first to create this look but she pulls it off the best. I found a tutorial from Female First if you were wondering how she did that...

The secret behind the style is hair extensions. Instead of attempting the impossible of fashioning your own hair into a bow you can use extensions. This makes the style much easier as you have a better view while making the bow.

Fold the extension in half, leaving a thinner section loose, and secure with a hair bobble. Next wrap the loose section over the middle, hiding the bobble.

I cut my hair last summer and I recently bought some extentions online. They look SOOOO bad in my hair right now so I'll just use them for a hair bow, YAY!!!!

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